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Location: New Land
Publisher: Wincer Song
Landlord: Jason Descheneaux
Privilege: Auto-Approved

A new and fun way of advertising your business online has just been born, its called Augine Cyber Real Estate. The objective of the game is to become the Lord of the Land, the landloard, by owning as much land as you can buy.

Current Price: AG$ 256.60 -143.03 (7-day Changes)

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Posted by Jason Descheneaux, New Cloud-Based Software Lets You Launch Your Own Profitable eBiz... Giving Away Free Ads! 2019-02-28 05:25

Posted by Jason Descheneaux, New instant eBiz software just launched! (No downloads required and can be set up in under 1 hour) 2019-02-28 04:57

Posted by Jason Descheneaux, Here's your chance to get in early 2019-02-26 14:04

Posted by Jason Descheneaux, Brand new eBiz software just launched 2019-02-26 13:46

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