Welcome to Augine Cyber Real Estate!

Augine Cyber Real Estate is a game of owning and trading land. Each landlord will be able to post any type of content that will be blasted through out the Cyber Lands of Augine.

This is a brand new way of sending you message to thousands of sites, in a fun and challenging way. The object of the game is to acquire the most lands so that your message will be seen by more.

Remember, the one with the most land wins. Will you be the Donald Trump of Cyber Real Estate? Join now to find out...

Owning land has its advantages. If you have a hot property you can rent out advertising space and generate profits. You can buy land, sell land or rent land. And best of all, as the Landlord you are free to charge what ever the market will bare for your ad space and earn AG$ from your tenants, that is people that rent your land.

Augine Cyber Real Estate is an Add-On Service of APSense.com, a Global Business Social Network.

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Recent Land Trading

Sold at AG$16.92

Sold at AG$15.59

Sold at AG$13.94

Sold at AG$9.97

Sold at AG$9.90

Sold at AG$9.97

Sold at AG$9.96

Sold at AG$14.06

Sold at AG$12.70

Sold at AG$11.01

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