How it Works

Augine Cyber Real Estate is a game of owning and trading land. Each landlord will be able to post any type of content that will be blasted through out the Cyber Lands of Augine.

This is a brand new way of sending your message to thousands of sites, in a fun and challenging way. The object of the game is to acquire the most lands so that your message will be seen by more.

Remember, the one with the most land wins. Will you be the Donald Trump of Cyber Real Estate? Join now to find out...
  • Buy Land in a Given Continent

    You will select the land you wish to purchase in a given continent simply by scrolling through it and finding an available parcel of land. You may place your mouse over it to get additional details. If you may click on it to open the buy it page.

  • Build Land

    Select a continent, find an available grid (land), then add your website into it. Then add the widget to your website. After 5 days (or sooner if you have a very active website), if your website passes our "traffic test", your land will be activated within the Augine Cyber Real Estate system. Traffic test simply means that any site that the Augine widget has been installed must have at least 100 unique visitors within a five (5) day period.

  • Rent Land

    An advertiser will select a continent and scroll around until an available parcel of land is identified. Then she will click on the land and using AG$ buy the ad space (pay per day).

Earning AG$
The first tab or the "home" tab will display news from all the lands that your are following. Each news roll will contain "Visit It" or "Skip It" buttons, which when clicked will speed up earning AG$ for the landlord. News can be posted to ones own land. The purpose is to have interesting stories scrolling that will compel others to click the voting button. It is a win win situation. The landlord earns AG$ for each click generated, and the person clicking will also earn more AG$.

Everyone earns AG$ on a daily basis. All you have to do is vote on the news, by clicking "like" or "skip". The more news you "like" that faster the news will scroll, the fast it scrolls the more you can earn. The earning speed for voting begins at 1x and can accelerate to 10x.

If you are the landlord you can also earn commissions by trading or renting any lands you own.

Land Depreciation
All lands will depreciate by 1% everyday. For example, a land that is valued at AG$20.00 today will be worth AG$19.50 the next day, and $19.25 the day after that, and so on.

Why does the land depreciate? Why does the land depreciate? Knowing that land will lose value will motivate Landlords to ensure that traffic is flowing. By having a steady stream of traffic those landlords that keep there lands up to par, meaning the land is driving traffic, will be rewarded. Like wise, those Landlords that slip into the "slumlord" category, meaning their sites are not driving traffic, will have their property depreciated. Additionally, by having busy lands it gives "investors" an incentive to buy more. The savvy Real Estate investor will keep their eyes open for lands that have depreciated because they know that it is wise to buy cheap and sell high.

Everyone playing on the Augine Cyber Real Estate will need to maintain their lands, for that you will need to use your AG$.

Maintain it or lose it

Maintaining ones land requires a steady stream of traffic, and a watchful eye on the news. Others will be trying to buy your lands. This is especially true if your land has accrued some value.

There are a couple of different ways that you can maintain your land value:
      1. log in daily and read the news
      2. add your lands widget to as many sites as possible
      3. above all ensure your sites generate traffic

Transaction Rate
  • New member, begin at AG$50
  • The max price of land is AG$50,000
  • All lands lose 1% of price everyday as operating fee.
  • Max speed-up 10x, click "like" to speed up by 2, click "skip it" to speed up by 1.
  • The land trading price increases by 20% after every trade, 85% revenue for the previous buyer, 2% for land owner.
  • Rent land is based on days, a max of 10 days. 50% revenue for land buyer, 30% for land owner.
  • Land startup Price is AG$50.
  • Lost Land: If the traffic from a widget equals 0 visitors for 10 days, that land will be deleted. When a land is deleted 85% funds in that land will be returned to the previous land buyer.

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